Eco-Hypocrite Prince Charles to Address Georgetown University This Week

This is the latest video in the HYPOCRITE series from filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelm McAleer. This one profiles Prince Charles of Wales, who asks us to adopt a lifestyle of convenience. For a man with plenty–ranging from houses to automobiles to insurmountable wealth–Prince Charles ought to finally out himself as a hypocrite.


Prince Charles is the latest to be exposed as an eco-Hypocrite in our short filmseries.

The Prince is coming to the US this week to speak at Georgetown University about “sustainability” so we decided to see just how he lives up to his own standards.

We’ve made a short film that exposes just how hypocritical the Prince is as he lives a fabulous, luxury life whilst lecturing the rest of us that we have to live with less.

PRINCE CHARLES HYPOCRITE exposes the double standard that is at the center of so much environmentalism.

It is a shocking viewing. It follows on from our exposure of James Cameron and Robert Redford and their hypocrisy.