Ron Paul Mania Hits UC-San Diego

This past evening, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul delivered a speech here on campus. Amid the pot smoke (gotta love those pot smokers!) and warm sun, San Diegans congregated at Warren Mall to see the colorful and equally lively perennial presidential candidate.

Ron Paul – best known for his die-hard college fans – addressed several thousand students and community members.

Interestingly enough, Ron Paul has a theme song:

Here are some pictures from the event:

Many of you know I do not support a Ron Paul candidacy. For one, Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee (I will be holding my nose. I’m voting non-Marxist and against Obama). And two – his anti-Israelism, support for drug legalization, and libertine social policies run counter to my views.

The Israel issue sticks out the most. Paul is ignorant when it comes to Iran’s nuclear program and radical Islam. During his speech he said, “I think sanctions [on Iran] are wrong…are an act of war.” Also, he previously lamented American military involvement in freeing Holocaust victims and has blamed Israel for the creation of Hamas. I cannot compromise on my support for Israel; I simply won’t budge.

Oddly enough, I agree with most of Ron Paul’s economic views. I believe we should do away with the United Nations; Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy; and the EPA – best known as the “Employment Prevention Agency.”  I also agree with auditing (and even abolishing) the Fed. I’m opposed to governmental waste and globalist, hypocritical international bodies abusing our tax dollars. If Paul weren’t so hostile to Israel and libertine on social issues, I might reconsider. Alas, I won’t.

The reality is this: Ron Paul will not secure the nomination. If his supporters are determined to defeat Obama, then they must vote for the eventual GOP nominee (I know, it pains me to write this – but we have no other choice but Romney). Please don’t split the vote, guys!

I will concede that Ron Paul knows how to energize a crowd. It still amazes me that he attracts so many people to his events. His young followers worship him like God, which is a tad odd. (Never EVER put a politician on a pedestal.) And he’s quite the sensationalist. That aside,  he put on quite the show last night.

Without a doubt, this event will go down in UCSD history. Kudos to the event organizers.

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to Address UCSD This Week

Week 5 promises to be an exciting time here at UC-San Diego. Two prominent figures – Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and presidential candidate Ron Paul – are coming to campus this week.

 Danny Ayalon Lecture – May 3, 2012 – 6-8pm – Price Center Theater

Danny Ayalon‘s lecture is sponsored by Tritons for Israel. It will be held in Price Center Theater from 6pm to 8pm. Doors open at 5pm. More details can be found on the Facebook event page. Tickets are free from the UCSD Box Office. Will-call tickets available.

Ron Paul Speech – May 4, 2012 – 7-8:30pm – Warren Mall

Students for Ron Paul of UCSD is sponsoring this event. According to the Facebook event, over 1,000 people are “Attending.” Tickets are free, but you must reserve them ahead of time. Go here to reserve your ticket before they run out.

Whether or not you agree with these speakers (I certainly don’t agree with many of Ron Paul’s policy positions), go hear them speak on campus. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

I will be blogging about both events this week. Stay tuned!

Santorum is First Candidate to Agree to Student-Led Presidential Symposium at Hillsdale

Late last night, the Hillsdale Collegian broke a story about Rick Santorum confirming his spot in the first-ever student-led presidential symposium. The event will take place at Hillsdale College on Monday night.

Santorum had these words to say about Monday’s event:

“I am excited to share my  vision for a brighter America, and the life experiences that have helped shape those  positions,” Santorum said.

Hillsdale senior Elliot Gaiser, who will moderate the symposium, shared his thoughts about the event and its goals.

“My hope is this will shine a bright light on what candidates believe about the Constitution, and influence the presidential race to focus on the document we expect our next president to protect and defend,” Gaiser said.

The three other presidential candidates have not confirmed nor denied their participation. Nevertheless, Hillsdale College plans to make history next week with this event.

Call of the Wild: Why Paulbots Hurt Ron Paul’s Chance of Winning the Nomination

I thought it would be funny and equally entertaining to display some of the outrageous hate mail I’ve received from Ron Paul supporters, a.k.a. Paulistinians/Paulbots.

When I wrote about Ron Paul and his naivete about Iran in Washington Times Communities (Ron Paul is wrong: Ahmadinejad’s Iran is armed and dangerous), my inbox was flooded by either nonsensical, grammatically incorrect, or crude comments from Ron Paul zealots. Many of the responses were incoherent–few were surprisingly reasonable, although the majority of them were cacophonous and painful to read. Enjoy!

Seriously are you?”

Justin Moe
Your a trader to America. Your just a typical moron spreading lies. Who cares if Iran has nuke, Pakistan has Nukes and were bombing them wouldn’t that be more dangerous. What would nuking a country accomplish if they would just nuke you back, your a fucking moron.

Thanks for endangering America.

This is the funniest one, by far.

Pfc Chris Smith
How many tours have you done on the Arab peninsula? I’ve done four. There is a reason Ron Paul gets more campaign contributions from active duty military, and it’s far too disturbing if you have never witnessed what soldiers deployed in that region have. Your view of the world consists of The Hills, Forever 21, and blow jobs. Let the soldiers speak for the affairs in far away lands, and watch who you call “wacky.”

I didn’t fight, lose my friends, and suffer concussions to read your non-sense on the only politician standing up for military personnel. People like you are the reason we have massive deficits, and an unsustainable, unrealistic foreign policy.

More liberal talking points from the neocon establishment…

Then the anti-Semitism came pouring in…

Joseph Zrnchik
You are the stupidest broad I have ever read.  Must be Jewish.

In comes stereotyping. Apparently, my being blond makes me stupid…Okay.

kenneth hayes
are you retarded or something? you said iran is armed and dangerous with no proof of even developing a nuke. oh yeah were going to listen to a blonde bimbo instead of the cia /fbi or a congressman for 20 plus years. perry supporters are as retarted as perry and i can only assume with 100% certainty that your a perry supporter. so answer my question are you retarted or something?

Another dose of craziness…

Where do you get your Iranian information?  I have this feeling 98 percent of your article is simply propaganda that you can not prove.  Im sure they oppress their people in iran….who doesn’t in the middle east?  The US is the only country to follow sanctioned guidelines, so we acre essentially the only country that loses,money as a result.  Iran does not have nuclear capabilities that can endanger our country…..maybe a few thousand of us that are in their region.  Anyways im not going to argue any further about this, nor do I expects you to respond……I am extremely interested how the publication process works though….do you get assigned to create garbage like this or did you think it up your own self and noone had the sense to review the article before it was put to the presses?


Jim Miller
this won’t be a question. your the one that’s crazy lady.  I don’t like everything Ron Paul says and he’s still ten times the candidate anyone else is.

Bad Lip Reading Pokes Fun at GOP Candidates, President Obama

If you have not watched any of the Bad Lip Reading videos, you must!

The ingenious Internet sensation has poked fun at celebrities, music videos, and, as of late, politicians.

The latest video–arguably, their funniest video to date–takes a jab at Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Here are the rest of the videos:

Herman Cain

President Obama

Michele Bachmann

Rick Perry

Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich Rising in the Polls

Newt Gingrich

Image via Wikipedia

With consistent performances at GOP debates, Republican presidential hopeful and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is surging in the polls.

Gingrich is impacting voters, given his knowledge of politics and command of debate.

Fox Nation revealed more about Gingrich’s surge here:

Newt Gingrich has taken the lead in PPP’s national polling.  He’s at 28% to 25% for Herman Cain and 18% for Mitt Romney.  The rest of the Republican field is increasingly looking like a bunch of also rans: Rick Perry is at 6%, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul at 5%, Jon Huntsman at 3%, and Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum each at 1%.