James O’Keefe Unveils Fifth Video in “To Catch a Journalist” Series

Here’s the latest video from Project Veritas:

After stirring the hornet’s nest of the “Ivory Tower” media world, and being attacked regularly for hit, Project Veritas brings you Part V in our series, To Catch a Journalist.

This latest release brings our investigation full circle.

Last month, this series was criticized — before its release — by Sam Stein of the Huffington Post.  He assumed we came up empty in our questions posed to a progressive “think tank” in Ohio . . . but we didn’t.

To Catch a Journalist: Rutgers Education Professor in Pay-for-Play

Epic: James O’Keefe Protege Attempts to Ban Lucky Charms at Miami U

John Buckley* and Miami U students profiled a recent stint regarding Lucky Charms cereal.  Buckley is following in the footsteps of his mentor and investigative journalist, James O’Keefe.

Buckley and his cohorts traps Miami U’s director of Diversity Affairs and get him to admit support for banning Lucky Charms. Watch the following video below:

During his time at Rutgers University in New Jersey, O’Keefe attempted to ban Lucky Charms from dining halls. He justified such to show how insulting the popular cereal brand was to Irish-Americans. His video highlighted the negative impact Irish stereotypes (i.e. leprechauns) have on Irish-American students at the respective university.

This is marvelous work. Americans are indebted to citizen journalists like O’Keefe and Buckley for exposing  injustices that go unnoticed by the establishment media.  If you wish to support James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas, please visit their site and donate.

*Note: John professionally goes by Mr. Buckley.

Get REAL Alternative Speakers, Not Trash, To Speak at Rutgers

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi at an appear...

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We’ve all heard the ruckus about Jersey Shore‘s Snooki and her ludicrous speech fee. Polizzi’s recent speaking engagement (wait, she can speak in complete sentences and has something intelligent to say?) at Rutgers University in New Jersey caused a stir and angered many people there.

Apparently, $32, 000 in student fees (ahem, codeword for your tax dollars) were set aside for this MTV-glossed powder puff to talk about GTL, smushing, and late-night hookups. Here’s what 32K is worth: “Study hard, party harder.”

Doug Giles sets the record straight with his latest article on Townhall.com:

Well, mom and dad (who are still worth their salt), you now can officially scratch Rutgers off the list of colleges to visit this summer with your high schooler. The kicker in this hellish scenario is that this over-tanned hobbit with the morals of a drunken alley cat and the brainpower of a hockey puck got two grand more than Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison will be getting for her commencement address at Rutgers U later this year. I’ve got two words for this misappropriation of funds: Revelation Eighteen.

Greg Gutfeld‘s humorous take on the Rutger brouhaha is shown below:

While Greg points out that Snooki is “harmless,”  those dismayed by Paul Krugman, Bill Clinton, Van Jones, communists/Marxists, and socialists should get conservative speakers from YAF. The speakers bureau includes Ann Coulter, Ben Stein, Michael Reagan, Dinesh D’Souza, Michelle Malkin, Jason Mattera, Doug Giles, David Horowitz, Ann McElhinney, Steve Forbes, and many more! Here from real intellectuals, not incompetent noobs.