Resurgent Article: Good Ol’ Boys Fear Conservative Women

Below is an excerpt:

Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman–especially if she is conservative.

Combine true empowerment, feminine virtue, ambition, maternal instincts, sass, and intelligence–and what do you get? A force to be reckoned.

How do most people respond to strong conservative women? Women, despite our competitive nature, like seeing other women succeed. We elevate our fellow females who are gutsy, smart, principled, and serious. Alternatively, men have a more mixed view of strong conservative women.  If a man is insecure with himself, he despises them, trashes their character, and seeks to put them down. If a man is confident with himself, he recognizes their talents, beauty, charm, hard work ethic, and desires to surround himself with them.

Before suggesting our sector of the female gender is just as man-hating, delusional, or gender-driven as our counterparts comprising the female establishment, I suggest noting the differences. We respect difference of opinion, we believe women can chart their own course (career, motherhood, or both), we believe men complement us, and we wholly reject big government dictating our lives. More importantly, we don’t allow women OR men to bully us into submission, complacency, or gutter politics.

One man who isn’t afraid of strong conservative women is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who expressed his admiration for strong women at last night’s CNN GOP Townhall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I particularly enjoyed what he said about strong women when answering a question on how he has made his campaign palatable to women.

“Listen, when you’re married to a strong woman professional, you see the nonsense that women deal with in the business environment. You see the garbage they put up with. And, it makes you mad. I’ve been blessed my whole life to be surrounded by strong women,” said Cruz.

He added, “I believe every issue is a women’s issue”

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Resurgent Article: Animal-Style Politics Has No Place in Conservatism

Below is an excerpt:

Animal-style french fries have a rightful place in the United States. Animal-style politics courtesy of Donald Trump do not.

As a native Californian taking refuge in Virginia, I always encourage others to sample and try In-N-Out’s animal-style french fries. (For those unfamiliar with animal-style fries, they are french fries topped with a Thousand Island-style dressing made from ketchup, mayonnaise, and sweet pickle relish.) These fries truly live up to their name: they are messy, but oh so delicious. Although animal-style fries are enjoyed by countless Americans, it’s a shame many are endorsing animal-style politics.

Trump’s “strength” is seen in his relentless pursuit to prey on those who pose a threat him or his empire. He had the audacity to mock a disabled man. He had the gall to criticize a woman’s face. He compared one of his recent endorsers to a “child molester” with pathological tendencies. He trashed a respectable female reporter who dared to ask him a tough question. He threatened a prominent family in Chicago for not appeasing him.  (Need I go on?) Despite unleashing these attacks, he proceeds to bark and howl.

A few days ago, Trump tweeted that rival Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) used a suggestive yet publicly available photo of his wife, Melania, in a SuperPAC ad. He proceeded to say he’ll “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz

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Resurgent Article: Emboldening Castros With Crony Capitalism Won’t Make Cuba Free

Below is an excerpt:

Although the Cuban Embargo has been lifted, those engulfed by the Tropical Mirage still don’t enjoy full-fledged freedom.

On Sunday, President Obama landed in the island nation to “repair” U.S.-Cuban relations. Unsurprisingly, the media are celebrating the occasion with their usual romanticization of communist countries as they did with the 2012 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Obama’s visit is not only historic, it’s quite predictable. Given his past association with radical Marxist figures, a visit to Cuba should make him feel at home.

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Why I’m Proud To Have Voted For Ted Cruz in Virginia

This post is a tad belated, but I wanted to communicate my thoughts on the state of the GOP race and the rise of Cruz as the viable ant-Trump candidate.

I am by no means an expert nor should you trust everything I say. I’m almost 25 after all. However, a lot of people have told me I have some sway over my fellow Millennials, so perhaps my political musings mean something–especially for those tossing between Trump and Cruz.

Last Tuesday marked Super Tuesday in Virginia and 12 other states. While Trump won seven of the contests, Cruz came out with three victories–Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska. Yesterday, Cruz added Kansas and Maine to his victories while narrowly losing in Kentucky and Louisiana last night on Super Saturday. Since Super Tuesday, Marco Rubio has only won Minnesota and Kasich has yet to win a state–banking on Michigan this Tuesday and Ohio the following Tuesday. Ben Carson dropped out this week–helping to winnow the field.

Up until 2012, I voted in California. I held my nose for Mitt Romney by sending in my absentee ballot that year after moving to Virginia. The last vote I was proud to cast in recent memory was that for Ken Cuccinelli’s 2013 gubernatorial bid here in Virginia.  I’m glad my vote means something here in the Commonwealth, despite Cruz placing third here.

Last Tuesday, my family and I proudly voted for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)–as I pledged to do so back in September 2015. I’m confident he’s the right choice and right man for the job. There are many reasons why I voted for Cruz, but this simple thing compelled me the most: his anti-communist, liberty-minded family background makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Although Cruz didn’t have the best showing here in Virginia, I’m very glad my parents, sister and I cast our vote for him in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Why did I go with Cruz? I outlined my support for him back in September from three points: consistency, likability/approachability, and youthfulness.

What I wrote about him in relation to consistency:

Cruz has proven time and time again he’s not a campaign conservative. From his 21-hour speech on the Senate floor calling for the full defunding of Obamacare to fighting amnesty to defending the right-to-life, among many things, Cruz has valiantly fought for Americans in this sacred chamber. He’s even stood up to leadership in our party when they strayed or they supported bills contrary to our values. In his book A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America, Senator Cruz writes how he stood up for conservative values prior to his tenure in the U.S. Senate in college, in law school, as a G.W. Bush administration staffer, and as solicitor general of Texas.

What I wrote about him in relation to likability:

Senator Cruz may be Ivy League educated, but he’s the farthest thing from an elitist. In fact, he’s someone you can grab a burger with — especially if you like White Castle burgers.

What I wrote about him in relation to youth appeal/pop culture:

Millennials are tired of politics-as-usual and are looking for a leader unafraid to buck the status quo. Senator Cruz’s critique of both Democrats and Republicans will especially resonate with disillusioned Millennials — but carry actual substance and weight unlike the candidacies of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Many bloggers are suggesting it’s time for Rubio to drop out and endorse Cruz to ensure a Cruz-Rubio ticket.  (And I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment.) As my good friend Elliot Gaiser wrote in PJ Media, a Cruz-Rubio ticket would satisfy all factions of the Republican Party:

This means Cruz is the GOP’s best shot at extending an olive branch to Trump supporters, channelling their anger about issues like immigration into a credible shot at the White House. Although Cruz has few friends among the Washington establishment, putting Rubio on the ticket could satisfy party leaders who fear Cruz can’t win a general election or govern once he reaches the Oval Office. If Rubio gets out now and Cruz names him as VP, the two could likely combine forces to Make Donald Drumpf Again.

Here are more endorsements of the Cruz-Rubio ticket:

Have doubts about Cruz’s credibility? Read what his former staffers Chip Roy and Brooke Bacak had to say about working for him in the U.S. Senate in a piece called “Why We Believe in Ted Cruz. We Were There“:

We have no problem conceding that reasonable minds can differ on the best legislative strategy at any given time. And we have had intense debates with respected friends and colleagues about which legislative strategies should have been used in those monumental battles and have accepted that some of us may never agree…

But what cannot be challenged is our personal experience as members of Team Cruz in those pivotal years. As humbled and honored as we were to have been part of it, friends and family know how much it cost us, in terms of health and time away from our very young children. One of us was one year removed from Chemotherapy – the other suffered mightily the ongoing effects of MS – and we can assure you that the ONLY thing worth that kind of a sacrifice is the opportunity to serve a cause bigger than ourselves – to do something to stem the tide of ever-encroaching overreach by the federal government that is eviscerating our Constitution and all the sacred principles and liberties it was written to preserve.

Cruz also won the CPAC Straw Poll with 40% to Rubio’s 30% to Trump’s 15%:

Mathematically speaking, Cruz is well-positioned to take out Trump in the primary and prevent us from going into a brokered convention. All evidence shows that Rubio and Kasich are siphoning votes from Cruz–allowing for Trump to take delegates or win outright.

According to the Real Clear Politics delegate tracker, here is the current total:

382 (Trump) 300 (Cruz) 128 (Rubio) 35 (Kasich) 8 (Carson)

Cruz is clearly gaining on Trump. Will Rubio get out and join Cruz as his VP pick? Will Kasich spare us misery and bow out to prevent more votes from going to Trump? Or will this lead to a brokered convention? Time will tell.

The momentum is with Cruz mathematically, in the grassroots, and as a narrative. Those of us supporting Cruz welcome all #NeverTrump folks to join our ranks to defeat him and spare the GOP/conservative movement a crushing loss to Hillary Clinton in the general election this November.


Ted Cruz is Not Finished Yet: Quoted in The Blaze

I was recently asked my thoughts about the status of the GOP contest with respect to Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign. I’ve made it publicly known that I’m supporting him and planning to vote for him next Tuesday here in Virginia.

The Blaze recently asked me to opine on the state of Cruz’s campaign, given the firing of his communications director. Below is the excerpt where I’m featured:

But for Gabriella Hoffman, a Cruz supporter and conservative blogger in Virginia, she isn’t sure the constant bickering will be too damaging for Cruz as “he only narrowly lost to Rubio in South Carolina and Iowa officials declared him a winner.”

“Depends on whom you talk to, but perhaps the staff change will prompt Cruz to better stay on message,” Hoffman said of Cruz’s image.

Hoffman, 24, continued to praise Cruz, saying that as he won over youth in South Carolina and Iowa, “he can genuinely appeal to young people — conservatives, libertarians, values voters and those disenchanted with big government or extreme foreign policy views.”

“If he stays on message as a constitutionalist and continues to focus, I think he will continue to perform well,” she said. “I suspect he realizes this with the recent staff change. Those writing his campaign’s obituary too soon aren’t to be trusted. Both he and Rubio are electable and fair well against either of the Democrats.”

“I hope conservatives in other camps — particularly Rubio’s camp — can come together to find a mutually agreeable solution to help defeat [GOP front-runner Donald] Trump since it’ll be a three-way race as predicted,” Hoffman continued.

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Quoted in Huffington Post About Ted Cruz’s Youth Appeal

Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus last night with 28% overall and he garnered 27% of the youth vote. Marco Rubio garnered 23% overall and 24% of the youth vote in Iowa’s GOP primary.

My GVH interview on Trump v. Cruz was relayed to Huffington Post. Below is an excerpt:

However, for Cruz, his appeal may not be about addressing a particular issue, but more about his consistency and track record. Gabriella Hoffman, a conservative commentator, Virginia primary voter and author of the article “Ted Cruz is the Best Candidate for Millennials”, said, “I see in [Cruz] someone who can confidently communicate conservatism and someone who can appeal to others beyond conservatism. It’s just a matter of getting to know him, getting to know who he is. If people got to know him and his staff, which is comprised of a lot of young people, they’ll see that he does have a good pulse on young people.”

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