Always Be Grateful and Thankful

On the eve of Thanksgiving, let us use this occasion to show our continual thanks every day of the year.

Many Americans have lost sight of what it means to truly be thankful and grateful. I, for one, am grateful for my family, my friends, and my freedom. These are things to be cherished, and I hope you similarly have these things to cherish. One day is not enough to give and receive thanks. In fact, we should aspire to do this beyond Thanksgiving.

 “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.” –Ralph Marston

Pimp joy if you can. Spread happiness, not wealth. Give back through private means.
Here are several things to keep in mind this Thanksgiving and every day:

1) Be grateful to live in the U.S.

Given all the political and social turmoil our country is in, it’s certainly easy to put the blame on something to fit one’s narrative. The most popular scapegoat? The United States of America. Do you believe that the cards are stacked against you in America? (Maybe the government, not free enterprise, is holding you back and diminishing your potential to succeed.) Do you complain about America being an oppressor but still reap the benefits of living here? (Perhaps you fail to understand how good you have it here and the freedom afforded to you.) Do you feel entitled to things? (We tend to better appreciate things we earn over things given to us.) Perhaps this is cliché, but America is the last best hope in this world. Our Constitution gives us innumerable rights and privileges unseen throughout the world. If you live here, count your lucky stars. You will never be as empowered as you are here. (Thanks for legally immigrating to the U.S., mom and dad!)

2) Thank those who protect us on a daily basis

One of the important things Americans continue to gloss over is the fact that countless men and women –whether in the armed forces or those in law enforcement–protect us on a daily basis. A lot of them are demonized by those who are quick to paint broad strokes. While few bad individuals fall through the cracks, it’s important to remember that many people sacrifice their livelihoods each day, domestically and abroad, to keep us safe. Thank a vet or a cop if you see one. They are just like us–regardless of position in life.

3) Whatever family you have, BE GRATEFUL YOU HAVE THEM

No family is perfect. You may have political or personal disagreements with some relatives, but family is family. Love them or hate them, blood is thicker than water. Your family will come to your defense when you need it and least expect it. They will always be there for you. Alternatively, you should always be there for them. Love and cherish your family, however big or small it is!

4) Give thanks to god

If you are the praying or religious type, give thanks to God. Even if you’re not spiritual, continue to give thanks to a supreme higher being  beyond our control. The man upstairs certainly has your back–even when you least expect it.


I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the company of loved ones and eat plenty of turkey.

What are you thankful for? Weigh in below!

Irony in Estonia

There is no greater irony than an American president with Marxist beliefs who already brokered a deal with Russia telling the nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania that he has their backs.

Here are some gems from his speech in Estonia today: “People want more control of their lives, not less.”; “Our commitment to your security is rock solid!”; and “I should have called the Estonians when we were setting up our healthcare website.”

Really? If he says he loves freedom, why are his policies here rooted in control and more government involvement? Why did he okay START II with Russia if he has the Baltics’ backs? Why should he and his administration be trusted if their foreign policy strategy is out of whack? Why would Estonia want to touch something like when that country, like many other formerly occupied countries under the USSR, already suffered under the wrath of socialized healthcare? It’s quite pathetic.

Here’s why you should be skeptical about the Obama administration backing the Baltics: During a 2004 trip to Ukraine, he and former U.S. Senator Dick Lugar told Ukrainian officials that their country should be disarmed of military weapons–at minimum, weakened militarily (meaning they are more vulnerable to Russian attack). Additionally, Obama essentially gave Putin via Medvedev the okay to do whatever that country wants in the name of “flexibility” in that infamous hot mic scandal before the 2012 election.

I have a vested interest in Baltic affairs because I have many family members back in Lithuania and friends in several of the Baltic states. (My mom is in Lithuania as we speak.) Given how the Obama administration has handled things domestically and foreign policy-wise, he’s not to be trusted. The Baltics need to take matters into their own hands and have the moral support of fellow freedom-lovers at their disposal.

A Letter From a Fellow Young Conservative Living in a Socialized Country Calling for More Values

I received this email today from a 17 year old girl named Caroline, and it touched my heart. I believe she read my column in Counter Cultured called “Keeping Tradition Hip in a Modern World.” She wouldn’t disclose where she’s from (I think she’s from Europe), but she has an important message for young conservatives here in the U.S. Take a moment to read it.

Hello, my name is Caroline and I just want to share my story with you. I live in a severely socialized country, I won’t mention which country, but I wanted to share with people what it’s like to live in a country like that for a 17 year old girl who loves tradition and has values. Basically, our political scale is a lot more to the left than the American one so the Democrats would be the most right-sided party in Sweden. Our most right-sided party even went out and supported the Democrats and their candidate in the 2012 election. So, I’ll share my reality. I wish I could be proud of my straight As and my passion for my school work. I wish I could say that education is crucial to me, that succeeding in life requires education and knowledge. I wish I could be proud that I’m working extremely hard in school and that I see school as a place to learn, not as a place to be impolite towards my teachers and treating other students without respect. I wish people could stop calling me a suck-up just because I see my teachers as superiors and treat them with extra respect and grace. I wish I could proudly say that yes, I’m 17 years old so I have a curfew. My parents care for me and watch out for me and won’t let me be out late. My family and I eat dinner together every single night and we spend a lot of time together. We go through rough times just like any other family but we face things together and that’s something I’m proud of. My parents have been together for 25 years and they struggle just like any other couple but they won’t give up, they are married and they would never dream of breaking that commitment. To me, those are the best role models there is, but the situation in my country is different. You barely see any married couples lasting longer than a few years and the commitment of marriage is easily scattered and thrown away, which scares me. I wish I could be proud of the fact that I visit church every Sunday, that I pray for people when I feel like they need it, and that I turn to God for guidance. I wish my friends would join me, but religion and faith is not something popular here. We’re still a Christian country so most babies get baptized, most couples get married at church and most old people get buried in the graveyard. I wish people here would look at belief differently. I wish I wouldn’t be the only human under 40 when I visit church. I wish I wouldn’t be almost completely lonely when I visit my family’s grave and place flowers and decorations to honor them there. I wish I wouldn’t be the only one of my friends who owns a Bible. You do have to realize that a lack of faith and belief, no matter which religion, will come along when a country gets as socialized as ours. Abortion is extremely easy here. It’s something that is so accepted in our society, that it doesn’t require a lot in order to go through with an abortion. I never tell people that I’m against abortion; I tell them that I’m pro-life. I believe that abortion itself isn’t the issue here, it’s the lack of morality and values that causes the extreme amount of abortions, every year between 30 000 and 38 000 babies are killed (and we’re a very small country I may say) due to the fact that people here has no values or respect for life. I’m a virgin. 17 years old and a virgin. Let me tell you that I definitely don’t fit in the mold here. I’m the only one of my friends that still has my virginity left. I truly wish that I could say to people that I’m proud of that. I’m proud of the fact that I have saved something special for someone special and that it means more to me than doing it drunk at a party just to get it done. I wish I could tell people that yes, I want to wait and do it with someone I love, truly love, and make it matter. Girls and boys here look at sex with concerning easiness, they are not anywhere near ready to make such a big commitment but people here don’t see it that way. Really, the sooner the better. I don’t even believe that I’m in a hurry, I’m soon 20 years old and that will only be a fifth of my life. I wish I could tell people that I’m waiting, for the special one that I’ll be ready to make a lifelong commitment to. I value my self-respect and would never lower myself to that level. Also, I don’t party. People here directly assume that I’m boring, that I hate having fun and can’t feel free. Let me tell you something, I feel free when I’m not lying in the street puking. I can have fun without alcohol or drugs and I prefer a night at home with my family, reading, over being at a shabby home-party. I wish I could tell girls my age that please, don’t wear clothes that shows more than it reveals. Don’t search boys’ attention by putting less clothes on your body and see your body as something to guard. Value your self-respect, your dignity and your appearance. It’ll be worth it, when you meet someone who respects you for who you really are and not for how little clothes you’re wearing. I wish I could tell men and boys that I expect more from them. I wish they could be gentlemen, proud and respectful. I wish they could step up and make themselves worthy of women like me, just like I want to tell women to step up and make themselves worthy of men like that. So, how can I tie this all together? I am proud of myself and my values, but I have to tell you, it’s exhausting. There is no space for values and tradition here. A lot of the times I feel like I have nowhere to fit in and that is devastating to be honest. People here don’t understand me; don’t understand why I feel like do or why I have my values. As a fellow conservative and lady-in-the-heart, please make sure you keep your place in the US. As I said, there is no space for me here, but I believe in America and the space for conservatism and class. Fight for this, fight for the future and for a place I dream of living in in the future.


Glenn Beck Restores Courage in Israel, Inspires Global Movement

Cross-posted from Washington Times Communities:

Amidst criticism of his “Restoring Courage” events in Israel, Glenn Beck succeeds and inspires a new global movement.

Help Young Conservatives Fight Liberal Injustices With Your Support!

Hi everyone!

Thank you to those who have viewed my introduction speech and to those of you who supported (and continue to do so) us in this ordeal versus Islamofascism and political correctness following the David Horowitz event. I truly appreciate your attention and concern for our likelihood here at UCSD and with Young Americans for Freedom, as with the nation as a whole. It is instrumental that the youth be supported in this grave time in our nation’s history with the takeover of socialists, communists, and progressives.

If you’d like for our cause to be further outreached and grown, please consider donating to our cause at It is especially difficult to garner any finances in this critical time, and like any promising cause, we need the funds in order to have speakers and the RIGHT perspective at UCSD. Anything you give to us, regardless of the type of support, is greatly appreciated. Please confide in us here at UCSD YAF for curing society’s liberal ills. To combat this evil and fend it off permanently, we need a solid foundation in funds, membership, and support.

Thank you for everything and G-d bless!

Best regards,

Gabriella Hoffman
Chair, YAF at UCSD