Resurgent: Shad Planking Solidifies Virginia’s Important Role as Swing State

Below is an excerpt:

On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending my first Shad Planking event at the Wakefield Sportsman Club in Wakefield, Virginia–a town 170 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. This was the 68th Annual Shad Planking event held to benefit the Wakefield Ruritan Club, which has put on the event since its inception. I was invited by the festival organizers to be a featured blogger for the event.

Shad Planking was originally dominated by Democrats and was once exclusive to males. Over the course of its 68th-year existence, the event has grown to include women and expand its reach to right-leaning audiences. Moreover, this year in particular, rebranding efforts were implemented to make the event more amenable to younger audiences by enticing them with wine, beer, and other goodies.

Garden & Gun Magazine profiled the yearly event in their recent April/May 2016 edition describing it as the following:

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WOS Article: 5 Virginia Parks To Visit This Week

Below is an excerpt:

Here are the five best parks to visit in the Commonwealth of Virginia this week. 

The National Park Service (NPS) will be turning 100 this August 25, 2016. Affiliated parks, monuments, and points of interests under the NPS banner, including those here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, will be celebrating. From April 16-24, 2016, National Parks from across the country will open their doors for free.

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Catch Me at Shad Planking on April 22nd!

I have very exciting news to share with you, dear readers!

I’ve been tapped as a featured guest/blogger/commentator for the 68th annual Shad Planking event here in real Virginia. The event will take place on April 22,2016, from 12-7pm. Read more about my participation in the event below:

Her passion for politics will bring Gabriella to the 68th Shad Planking and Grapes & Grains Festival, but there are other reasons she will be attending.  “I’m looking forward to my first Shad Planking event this year,” she told us. “As a transplant to Virginia, I know this event is key to the Virginia experience. Every Virginian—native or not—should attend this event.  Virginia has welcomed my family with open arms. What better way to get together with fellow Virginians than at an event centered around politics and fish? I can’t wait to attend!”

What is Shad Planking? It’s a premiere event for Virginians–political and non-political. It’s a great day of fellowship, politicking, good food, and excellent drinks.

The event mixes politics with charity along with being paired with drinks and good food. It’ll largely benefit the Wakefield Ruritan Club, which has hosted the event since 1949. They believe in “fellowship, goodwill, and community service.” Below is more about the organization:

The Wakefield Ruritan Club has hosted the annual Shad Planking since 1949. The United States classifies the club as a non-profit 501(C)(4) organization.

Proceeds from the Shad Planking go directly to the Ruritan Club, which is dedicated to improving communities and building a better Virginia through “fellowship, goodwill, and community service”.  Buying a ticket for the Shad Planking has a direct and powerful effect on the every day lives of the good people of Wakefield and its surrounding rural areas.  While you are trying the best Virginia has to offer, you can feel confident that your entrance to the 68th Shad Planking has made Virginia a better place.

Many people know the Shad Planking for its political influence and the sense of camaraderie. What many people don’t know is that the profits for the event have always gone back into the community.  The Wakefield Ruritan Club has been creating real and meaningful good for Wakefield and the surrounding areas for generations.  Among others beneficiaries, the Wakefield Ruritan Club has directly contributed to the local fire department, 4-H Club, and youth baseball.  The Wakefield Ruritan Club also awards scholarships directly to deserving young people.

Ruritan National has nearly 30,000 members throughout the United States, that work to improve more than 1,100 local communities.  If you would like more information or would like to join a club close to you head over to the Ruritan’s website

Early-bird tickets are $25, but regularly cost $30.

It promises to be a fantastic event. I look forward to attending, and hope you do the same too!



Ted Cruz is Not Finished Yet: Quoted in The Blaze

I was recently asked my thoughts about the status of the GOP contest with respect to Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign. I’ve made it publicly known that I’m supporting him and planning to vote for him next Tuesday here in Virginia.

The Blaze recently asked me to opine on the state of Cruz’s campaign, given the firing of his communications director. Below is the excerpt where I’m featured:

But for Gabriella Hoffman, a Cruz supporter and conservative blogger in Virginia, she isn’t sure the constant bickering will be too damaging for Cruz as “he only narrowly lost to Rubio in South Carolina and Iowa officials declared him a winner.”

“Depends on whom you talk to, but perhaps the staff change will prompt Cruz to better stay on message,” Hoffman said of Cruz’s image.

Hoffman, 24, continued to praise Cruz, saying that as he won over youth in South Carolina and Iowa, “he can genuinely appeal to young people — conservatives, libertarians, values voters and those disenchanted with big government or extreme foreign policy views.”

“If he stays on message as a constitutionalist and continues to focus, I think he will continue to perform well,” she said. “I suspect he realizes this with the recent staff change. Those writing his campaign’s obituary too soon aren’t to be trusted. Both he and Rubio are electable and fair well against either of the Democrats.”

“I hope conservatives in other camps — particularly Rubio’s camp — can come together to find a mutually agreeable solution to help defeat [GOP front-runner Donald] Trump since it’ll be a three-way race as predicted,” Hoffman continued.

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WOS Article: 8 States You Need to Fish In

When it comes to world-class fishing, these eight states offer more opportunities than one would believe.

When one thinks of great fishing states, places like California and Florida first come to mind. However, there are eight states that offer great, albeit different fishing opportunities for anglers to pursue. In no particular order, here are eight states with highly underrated fishing opportunities.


vdgif fb

Founded in 1607, the Commonwealth of Virginia is one of the oldest states in the country with a history grounded in fishing that traces back to the Jamestown settlement. Today, Virginia offers world-class fishing through its numerous lakes, streams, rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean. Whether it’s seeking out flounder in the Eastern Shore, deep-sea fishing for tuna in Virginia Beach, trout fishing throughout the state, or largemouth bass fishing in the Potomac River, the Old Dominion State will draw in anglers who crave action-packed fishing surrounded by rich history and beautiful landscapes.

To learn more about fishing in Virginia, check out the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

2. Washington


Known for its endless rain and world-famous coffee, Washington is an underrated hub for freshwater and saltwater fishing enthusiasts. With its proximity to Canada and location on the Pacific Ocean, this state has some amazing fish species to seek out like salmon, sturgeon, and halibut. The Columbia River, the largest river in the Pacific Northwest, is said to be a great fishing spot. Freshwater and saltwater anglers will appreciate the endless fishing opportunities in this naturally beautiful state.

To learn more about fishing in Washington, check out their Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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WOS Article: 102-Year-Old Hunter Says Hard Work, God Made Him Live Long

Up at Wide Open Spaces, I wrote about this wonderful fellow named Clyde Roberts, 102, who also lives here in Virginia. Below is an excerpt:

At age 102, Clyde Roberts of Evington, Virginia, is the oldest living active hunter today.

Clyde Roberts may be old, but his indomitable spirit allows him to continue doing what he loves: hunting. At age 102, Roberts is one of the oldest living hunters today. What does he credit his longevity to?

“Hard work” and “living for the Lord,” he says.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) profiled Mr. Roberts in their recent Outdoor Report. Some VDGIF staffers recently spent a day with Mr. Roberts and his son, Mike, to learn how hunting positively impacts his life.

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New Year, New General Assembly Session

Seal_of_Virginia.svg wikipedia


Today marks the start of the 2016 session of the General Assembly. Lawmarkers in both chambers of the .G.A (House of Delegates and State Senate) will convene for a 60-day session. What does that mean for Virginians? What can we expect from Richmond and the statists occupying the highest offices in RVA? Here are some issues the Richmond NBC affiliate says will dominate this legislative session.

1) Charter schools

2) $100 million plus budget

3) Republicans turning over McAuliffe’s and Herring’s executive orders on gun control

4) Higher education

5) Syrian refugee resettlement

I’ll also add property rights to this list. (See what’s transpiring at Martha Boneta’s Liberty Farm. She’s getting unwarranted attacks from some radical environmentalists and their lawyers.)

If you want to make your voice heard in RVA, you can do one of many things: First, attend Lobby Day this Monday. It’s a great way to directly interact with and meet lawmakers from both parties. Voice your concerns with them and be respectful. (We don’t want to replicate violence that emanates from the Left.)  Second, contact your representatives by email or phone. Third, reach out to them/mention them on social media–it’s a great way to get their attention.

Here’s to shaking things up in Richmond!